A Closer Look: Our Tobacco Scented Candle

September 21, 2014

Tobacco Scented CandleFrom the very beginning, Chandler Candle Co. has been about our customers as much as it has been about our candles.  We love every chance we get to interact with our fans as they sample and fall in love with our scents.  We learned early on that our customers appreciate our passion for creating a quality, hand-made product and with that passion comes questions.  Lots of really good questions. 

One of the most common questions we're asked is "how did you come up with this (insert breathless, complimentary adjective) scent?"  Every scent has a story, but most are too long for the corresponding product pages here on our website.  So, with that in mind, we're going to periodically take a closer look at the story of each scent here on our blog.  First up:  Our newest scent, Tobacco.

We first started Chandler Candle Co. with just 10 scents and quickly began fielding requests for additional scents.  Since then, one of the most requested scents or notes was Tobacco.  Thus began the hunt for a great Tobacco scent - one that would complement our existing candle scents and appeal to our customers' discerning tastes.

Despite the images that usually come to mind when one sees "Tobacco", most tobacco scents are surprisingly sweet and/or floral.  Indeed we've come across many by other brands that smell more like perfume than a smoky study lined with leather-bound books.  Finding a tobacco oil that wasn't too "feminine" was the first challenge.

The second challenge was finding complimentary notes to pair it with.  The winning tobacco oil was still noticeably floral, and still a little one-note at that.  Hoping to mask the floral notes with another soft scent, we first tried adding oils that gave it a nice powdery finish.  After all, we've seen and sampled some great variations on Tobacco & Powder elsewhere.  But that was the problem - we'd seen it done before and besides, it was more unisex than the warm, masculine scent

Instead, we tried more masculine notes like woods and spices.  These combinations yielded great scents - ones we still might one day use - but the tobacco was lost in the other notes.  We really needed something that boosted the warm tones of the tobacco without overpowering it.  Finally, we tried layering in some caramel notes.  Rich, full-bodied, and just sweet enough to compliment the tobacco.  We added little musk to balance it all out, and the end result was a Tobacco scent that was a perfect addition to our collection of masculine scents.