Inroducing: Our Thai Basil & Cucumber Candle

February 29, 2016

Inroducing:  Our Thai Basil & Cucumber Candle
Thai Basil Cucumber Scented CandleHere at Chandler Candle Co., we're always working on new scents.  Sometimes, we're working on a scent that's bedeviled us for months or even years (we're looking at you, Pumpkin Chai Tea!)  In other cases, we're responding to popular demand - like with our Tobacco and Mediterranean Fig scented candles.  Lately though, we've just been tinkering with some scents just for the fun of it.

After another busy Holiday Season filled with warm, and spicy scents, we found ourselves yearning for the lighter, fresher scents of spring.  We've been especially drawn to green, herbal scents - we just love the smell of a sunny and vibrant patch of garden!  Just a whiff from a small windowsill herb garden is enough to sweep away the grey clouds of winter and bring back memories of warmer days.

While experimenting with some new herbal scents, we kept reaching for this wonderfully aromatic Thai Basil oil.  Fresh and green, with a slightly peppery bite - it was everything we craved!  We tried pairing it with all of our go-tos:  florals, herbals, citruses... but nothing really clicked.  On a whim, we mixed in some cucumber - another scent we love but haven't found a place for - and we knew were on to something special.  Very quickly, it became clear that our latest obsession was a real winner and with a few finishing touches, our newest scented candle, Thai Basil & Cucumber, was born!

Just in time for spring, we're excited to introduce this new, herbal scent.  It's a sweet, refreshing blend of spicy Thai Basil and cool cucumber, balanced by notes of mint and melon, and is just the thing to get you thinking about the warmer days ahead.  Try it today and find yourself transported to your own sunny patch of garden.  

Photo Courtesy of The Stiles Files