Introducing: Our newest scent, Gardenia

April 02, 2017

Introducing:  Our newest scent, Gardenia

Everyone loves an underdog, and Gardenia turned out to be just that.  When we set out to create our newest scent, we did not have Gardenia in mind.  In fact it wasn't even on the list of scents we were considering.  That didn't stop us from falling for this scent though as it won us over through one happy accident after another.

GardeniaWe knew we wanted to start new year with a new scent.  Something light, and fresh.  Since our latest new scent - Thai Basil & Cucumber - was a green, herbal scent, we thought we'd go a different route and work on a new floral fragrance.  We work with a number of boutique fragrance houses and we asked them for lighter, softer florals that would pair well with something clean and fresh like a water note or some bright citrus.  Along the way though, we received some Gardenia oil by mistake.  It's rich, heady floral was too heavy for what we were working on, but we knew there was something there worth revisiting so we set it aside for use in another scent down the road.

Apparently we didn't set it far enough aside.  While test-pouring some other fragrances, we accidentally grabbed the Gardenia oil too.  Instantly the scent of lush gardenias filled our studio.  Again, we loved the scent, but it wasn't what we set out to create, so we set the test candles aside to be burned at home or gifted to friends and family.  

They never left the studio though and instead of "out of sight, out of mind" the Gardenia candles remained front and center.  We just couldn't escape them and the scent was intoxicating.  We found ourselves becoming more excited about the eventual introduction of Gardenia than we were of the imminent launch of the lighter floral we set out to create.

We realized that our next scent was literally right in front of our noses, and with a few minor tweaks it was ready - just in time for Spring.  So we give you Gardenia, our new fragrance that captures the rich, floral scent of lush, white Gardenia blossoms in full bloom.  We know you'll enjoy it just as much as we do.  Even if florals aren't your thing, or you typically gravitate towards lighter, fresher scents, give it a try.  We're confident it'll win you over just as it did us.